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PRAYAS stands for Program Associating Youth And Society. It is a modest attempt to involve youth in social issues. PRAYAS has twin objectives of creating awareness among the youth of social reality on the one hand and finding solutions to the problems of society. The motto of PRAYAS is to spread the motivated ideology of the students who belong to IIT Kharagpur to other institutions all over the world under the banner of PRAYAS.


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To make the quality youth of the nation aware of the problems occurring in the society. After making them aware of the problems which are predominant in the area they reside, mobilizing them towards finding creative solutions to the existing problems occurring in the society.

When the youth becomes aware of the social injustices rampant in the society, they realize that they are also connected to the situation and are somehow responsible for the occurrence of evils in the society because of their indifferentAi??attitude towards the society and whatai??i??s happening in it.

PRAYAS aims to transform the youthai??i??s perception by making them cognizant of the existing social challenges and opportunities. PRAYAS through its initiatives aims to inculcate a feeling of social responsiveness and altruism among the people to engender new opportunities for uplifting the underprivileged sections of the society.